New Vehicle Title Application

Florida Dealerships

If you have purchased a vehicle (new or used) from a Florida dealership, the dealer is required by law to process your application for title.

Out-Of-State Dealerships

If you have purchased a new vehicle from an out-of-state dealership, you may process your application for title at the Tax Collector's office.

Needed Items

In addition to a completed Application for Motor Vehicle Title, PDF, the following items are needed:

  • Any applicable lien holder information
  • A bill of sale or dealer's invoice listing the purchase price, sales tax paid, and any trade-in allowance. Please note that additional sales tax may be due.
  • Each applicant must sign the application. If you plan to complete an application in our office, each person applying for ownership must be present to sign the title application and provide personal identification.
  • A federal odometer statement
  • The original manufacturers certificate of origin
  • Proof of current Florida property damage liability and personal Injury protection insurance, including the insurance company's name and policy number, when purchasing a license plate or extending the registration period
  • When transferring a license plate, the current registration or plate number
  • When transferring ownership on a mobile home title, the applicant is required to purchase a new mobile home decal.