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Look for the following voluntary check-off items on the courtesy vehicle registration renewal form provided by the Tax Collector's Office:

Non game Wildlife Trust Fund $1
Transportation Disadvantaged Trust Fund $1
Highway Safety Operating Trust Fund $2
Organ Donor Education Trust Fund $1
Prevent Blindness Florida Trust Fund $1
Marine Turtle Protection Trust Fund (Free decal for $5 or more) $5
Save the Manatee Trust Fund (Free Decal for $5 or more) $5
Florida Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) $1
Southeastern Guide Dogs Trust Fund $1
Stop Heart Disease $1
Children's Hearing Help Fund $1
Family First Trust Fund $1
State Home for Veterans Trust Fund $1
Sheriffs Youth Ranches $1
FL NWK Children's Advocacy CENTERS $1
League Against Cancer $1
ARC of Florida $1
Blind Babies & Blind Youth Services $1
Prevent Child Sexual Abuse $1
Ronald McDonald House $1

Voluntary Trust Fund

Voluntary trust fund fees are accepted by the Tax Collector's Office and earmarked to a specific trust fund. Vehicle owners may designate and contribute to one or more of the voluntary trust funds when conducting a vehicle registration transaction.

Making a Contribution

The Hope Scholarship

Beginning on or after October 1, 2018, anyone who purchases or registers a motor vehicle qualifying for the Hope Scholarship Program in Florida may designate up to $105 of the state sales tax due at the time of purchase or registration to an eligible nonprofit scholarship-funding organization (SFO) participating in the program. If the state sales tax due is less than $105, the designated amount would be the state sales tax due.