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Local Business Tax Receipt FAQ’s

Question: When do I need a St Lucie County local business tax receipt?

When you conduct a business or profession in St. Lucie County, Fort Pierce, Port St Lucie or the Village of St Lucie.

Question: Is the county business tax receipt all I need?

No. Depending on the type of business or profession and the location of your business you may need a state license and/or city business tax receipt.

Question: Do I need more than one county business tax receipt?

You will need one business tax receipt for each location from which you are operating your business and for each category of business you are conducting.

Question: Do I need a new business tax receipt if I have a business tax receipt and move to a new location, change my business name or there is a change in ownership?

You must transfer your old business tax receipt if you make one of the above changes, with an accompanying $3 fee. Depending on the new business location, you may be required to submit new paperwork.

Question: Why do I need a city business tax receipt?

When your business is located in the city, you fall under the jurisdiction of both city and county.