Authorities & Municipalities

Authorities & Municipalities

If you have questions about the various millage rates you are required to pay, please direct your inquiries to the following taxing authorities:

Advalorem Taxing Authorities

St. Lucie County Board of Commissioners772.462.1670
County Solid Waste Special Assessment772.462.3500
School Board of St. Lucie County772.468.3970
St. Lucie County Fire District772.461.3400
Children's Service Council772.462.2143
South Florida Water Management District561.686.8800
Florida Inland Navigation District561.627.3386
City of Fort Pierce, ext.332772.460.2200
City of Port St. Lucie772.871.5200
Town of St. Lucie Village772.464.8200

Non-Advalorem Assessing Authorities

Capron Trail, The Reserve, River Place on the St. Lucie954.753.5841
Portofino Isles and Shores954.721.8681
St. Lucie West Services District407.629.6900
Ft. Pierce Farms Water Control District772.464.0939
Lake Lucie Community Development District, ext.205305.576.6333
North St. Lucie River Water Control District772.461.5050
City of Port St. Lucie Special Assessments772.871.5200
South Hutchinson Island Special Assessments772.462.1150
City of Fort Pierce, ext.332772.460.2200


City of Fort Pierce772.460.2200
City of Port St. Lucie772.871.5225
Town of Village St. Lucie772.466.6900