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Explanation of the Tax Bill

Explanation of the tax bill

For your receipt, keep the upper portion of the bill and your canceled check or the bank supplied image of your canceled check. No receipts will be mailed, unless a self-addressed and stamped envelope is returned with your payment.

A receipt can also be printed from TaxSys. Enter your name or parcel ID to locate your account, then choose Print This Bill (PDF). The paid date, amount and receipt number will become part of this bill after your payment has been posted.

Please return and do not write on the lower part of the bill with your payment.

  1. Account number: This is a unique number assigned to each property. Please refer to this number if you have any questions.
  2. Legal description: Verify the legal description. If any errors are found, notify the property Appraiser's office immediately at 772-462-1000.
  3. Property owner(s): Verify the ownership. If you have sold this property, forward the notice to the new owners or return it to the tax collector's office.
  4. Mailing address: If your mailing address has changed, complete the address change form located in the informational pamphlet supplied with your tax bill. Please do not write on the portion of the tax bill being returned.
  5. Total taxes and assessments: No discounts have been subtracted from this amount. See the boxes on the bottom of bill for the correct amount to pay.
  6. Amount due: Pay only one amount. The totals in each box already reflect the discount.
  7. Delinquent tax due: If this message appears on your bill: "back taxes are due," please contact the tax collector's office at 772-462-1650.