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Specialty License Plates

The Law

Section 320.08053, Florida Statutes, outlines the requirements an organization must meet to request a new specialty license plate be created. Section 320.08056, Florida Statutes, provides the responsibilities of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles in developing and issuing specialty license plates when legislation authorizes a new specialty license plate to be established.


Application Requirements

With the exception of specialty license plates that were authorized during the 2008 Legislative Session or submitted requirements by a specific date, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles may not issue any new specialty license plates pursuant to ss. 320.08056 and 320.08058, Florida Statutes, between July 1, 2008 and July 1, 2014.

Legislation must be enacted to establish a new specialty license plate design. Proposals for specialty license plates may only be considered by the legislature upon compliance with statutory requirements. The Division of Motor Vehicles Procedure RS-20, Creation of A Specialty License Plate, contains the proper requirements that organizations must follow to pursue legislation for specialty license plates.

Once you have reviewed the procedure and you have questions, contact the Specialty License Plate office at (850) 617-3001. PLEASE NOTE: This number is not for personalized/vanity license plates. For information or questions regarding personalized/vanity license plates contact your local county tax collectors office.


Pre-Sale Specialty License Plates

When a specialty license plate is authorized by Florida Statutes, the requesting organization must sell 1,000 vouchers within 24 months before the plate is manufactured.

Pre-sale vouchers may be purchased at local county tax collector offices or license plate agencies. The clerk will process the transaction and provide the customer with a Pre-Sale Specialty License Plate Voucher receipt.

If the organization meets the 1,000 pre-sale requirement at the end of the 24-month period or any time before this date, the specialty license plate will be made and distributed to the tax collector offices and license plate agencies.

If the organization does not meet the pre-sale requirement of 1,000 at the end of the 24-month period, the specialty plate will be de-authorized, and the department will discontinue development and issuance of the pre-sale voucher.

Upon de-authorization, the purchaser of a pre-sale voucher may use the annual use fee he/she paid as credit towards any other specialty license plate or apply for a refund.


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